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3 ways Michael volunteers his time

One of our volunteers Michael has an array of skills which he uses every Tuesday when he is in the office. Here are the top three ways he uses his skills. “Having joined GlobalGivingUK as a Due Diligence Volunteer I found my skills used in a variety of ways:   Languages – Speaking proficient German, I’ve assisted on various outreach projects, I found it very challenging to elicit the confidence of foreign third parties, however, co-operation and teamwork is a great

£220 worth of skilled volunteering in an hour? The power of #MicroDay!

Today is Microvolunteering Day, championing the BIG impact of bitesize online volunteering action. As long-time supporters of Microvolunteering via our online platform, GlobalGivingTIME, today has been a busy day for all of us here at GlobalGiving UK. We’ve been live tweeting all of the action (@GGTIMEUK – make sure to follow us) and it’s been fantastic to see so much excitement around #MicroDay. To celebrate, we challenged ourselves to a #MicroDay GlobalGivingTIME Hackathon. The aim: to answer as many non-profit micro