How the Gateway to Crowdfunding challenge helped one Indian charity

As our spring crowdfunding challenge reaches the mid-way point, we asked Jane Manson, Project Coordinator and Fundraising Director of one of our Indian charity partners, Tiljala Shed as well as our winter crowdfunding challenge winner, to talk to us about her experiences in our crowdfunding challenge.

Tiljala Shed works in Kolkata to support the most vulnerable families and rag-picker communities struggling under endemic poverty and living in poor conditions near the city’s sewers. Their largest project as of yet, launched during our 2016 Winter Gateway Challenge, sought to raise funds to provide families with the skills and resources needed to lift themselves from poverty in slum districts. The project aimed to help these families support themselves by providing sewing machines for women to begin their own small businesses, or rickshaw tricycles for men to earn money through courier services. With Ms. Manson’s support as Project Leader, Tiljala Shed was able to raise over £9,000 ranking 1st in the Winter Gateway Challenge and earning a reward of £1,500.

Tiljala Shed has benefited from its partnership with GlobalGiving primarily through the opportunity to grow and diversify its donor base. After previously being dependent on a small number of large, foreign donors who influenced many of Tiljala Shed’s earlier projects, the GlobalGiving online platform has given Tiljala Shed the chance to attract new support through individual donors. As a result, it has also increased its flexibility to develop new projects aimed at what they know to be the most pressing social issues in Kolkata. The charity has also experienced a boost to its image, which in the local setting translates to increased interest and support from local sources. In a larger sense, the great success Tiljala Shed experienced with their project on our crowd funding platform has greater mobilized their initiative and project delivery in Kolkata.

Listen to Jane Manson talking about her own experiences here:


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