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Sylvia’s top 5 volunteering experiences

This week is #VolunteerWeek and as well as asking our volunteers why they volunteer, we asked our long-serving volunteer Sylvia to share her top 5 volunteering experiences with us! This is what she had to say: “Volunteering and engaging with the community where I’m living has been a part of my life since I was 14 years old. By volunteering I have met amazing people who have all touched my heart in so many ways. Through volunteering in charities, we, as

As a charity employee, can I get a mentor?

Today is #GoodNewsFriday and this week we delve into our Personal Development mentoring programme which is devoted to maximizing the leadership skills of small charities by providing their staff members with a mentor (from the corporate sector) who can share their own extensive and varied expertise in the corporate sector with the charity with the aim of helping the charity staff develop their skills and abilities and as well as building organisational capacity. For this programme, we at GlobalGiving UK partnered with Salesforce and linked

Finding the frontline: why I quit my job to volunteer

Guest blog from Emily Gorton – Volunteer Project Evaluator who is currently completing the Field Evaluation programme in Mexico, Guatemala and Haiti Just over two months ago you would probably have found me at my desk in Farringdon, staring blankly out the window into the seamless London crowds below. I had an excellent view of the Goldman Sachs offices opposite, and some considerable part of my day would be taken up imagining its inner workings, or watching its employees shout

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