A Day in the life of an Evaluation Programme coordinator


Alas! The Evaluation Programme 2016 is sadly coming to an end for this year. As the Coordinators, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a typical day at GlobalGiving UK HQ in London.

The Evaluation Programme has been running successfully since 2013. The programme is focused on achieving a core part of GlobalGiving UK’s mission; helping smaller non-profits to thrive. It involves trained, skilled volunteers visiting our non-profit partners around the world. The volunteers carry out an in-depth 4-5 day organisational assessment and provide practical fundraising and communications support tailored to each organisation.

As the Evaluation Programme Coordinators it is our role to ensure the smooth running of the programme – as smooth as butter slides on your toast! We are there through thick and thin and support the skilled volunteers before, during and after the programme. So what do we do each day?

Communication is key!

At the beginning of the day, the first thing we do is check and reply to emails. We are the first point of call and are in contact with all of the Volunteer Evaluators throughout the day via email, whatsapp, phone, skype etc, you name it. We are there to answer any queries they may have and provide them with support whilst visiting our nonprofit partners. Also, it’s a great excuse to hear what they’re up to and get envious of their amazing experiences! As the Programme Coordinators we also work very closely with Eleanor, the CEO of GlobalGiving UK. We have regular check-ins with Eleanor to review the programme and update her on the volunteers.

blog-1Audit Reports Audit Reports Audit Reports!

A typical day in the office will vary depending on what tasks need doing and what stage each volunteer is at. However, we are never short of an Audit Report to read through! These are the practical, in-depth reports that the volunteers produce after each visit summarising their discussions, observations and recommendations. We edit and provide feedback on Audit Reports that are produced by our Volunteer Evaluators after each visit. The audit reports are very comprehensive and go through a rigorous 3 stage editing process to ensure the highest possible standard before being sent to the nonprofits.




However jam packed the day is, there is always time for lunch. Being based in central London is a bonus as we are blessed with many different options for lunch.  


As Evaluation Programme coordinators we are responsible for scheduling and carrying out interviews, one-to-ones, training, check-ins and debriefs with each volunteer. We then produce some beautiful excel spreadsheets to organise these. Another admin job that keeps us occupied involves writing letters and certificates to send to the nonprofit partners. Whilst the volunteers are in the field, we help track what forms have been completed and make sure that all the correct forms have been completed by our lovely Volunteer Evaluators! When they return from the field we then send out feedback surveys for them and our nonprofit partners to fill in.


Digital Communications

Apart from the programme administration, secretarial and office duties, on any day, one has to meet different people and must greet them in a friendly manner. This outgoingness is extended to PR and marketing activities which includes sharing stories with local radio, TV and Broadsheet and pitching stories as a way of spreading the word about the Evaluation Programme and the amazing work that GlobalGiving and our partners do!

The highlight of coordinating the Evaluation Programme is getting learn about great non-profits around the world. Coordinating the programme has enabled us to gain valuable transferrable skills, knowledge and a love for GlobalGiving! We hope that this has provided you with a better insight into what we get up to during the day coordinating the Evaluation Programme.


If have any further questions or would like to join the Summer/Autumn 2017 Evaluation Programme you can apply here:  http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/evaluation-programme/ or email rrees@globalgiving.org

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