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How the Gateway to Crowdfunding challenge helped one Indian charity

As our spring crowdfunding challenge reaches the mid-way point, we asked Jane Manson, Project Coordinator and Fundraising Director of one of our Indian charity partners, Tiljala Shed as well as our winter crowdfunding challenge winner, to talk to us about her experiences in our crowdfunding challenge. Tiljala Shed works in Kolkata to support the most vulnerable families and rag-picker communities struggling under endemic poverty and living in poor conditions near the city’s sewers. Their largest project as of yet, launched

7 reasons you should join the FEP family

1. Visiting grass-roots non-profits overseas will give you the opportunity to see first-hand the reality of life in a place you might only have dreamed of visiting one day.   2. By helping small non-profits engage with digital resources, make the most of their networks and improve best practice, you’ll be helping them make a real difference in their corner of the world.   3. You’ll gain a real appreciation for the incredible potential of crowdfunding.   4. You’ll find new

3 ways Michael volunteers his time

One of our volunteers Michael has an array of skills which he uses every Tuesday when he is in the office. Here are the top three ways he uses his skills. “Having joined GlobalGivingUK as a Due Diligence Volunteer I found my skills used in a variety of ways:   Languages – Speaking proficient German, I’ve assisted on various outreach projects, I found it very challenging to elicit the confidence of foreign third parties, however, co-operation and teamwork is a great

5 ways that Small Charities Week can benefit your crowdfunding

Small Charities Week starts 13th June Gateway to Crowdfunding Challenge starts 13th June Coincidence? Yes – but let’s at least take advantage of this! There are many different elements to Small Charities Week but you will no doubt be busy with your crowdfunding campaign so let’s just focus on 5 ways in which you can use Small Charities Week to enhance your campaign!   #ILoveSmallCharities: Encourage your staff/volunteers/followers to take part in the Small Charities Week competition in which you need to post a photo